Gas Filtration Filters and Separators


Dry Gas Filter

Removes particulate contamination from dry gas including dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale.

Standard cartridge: NFG-36 or NFG-336 with 1 or 05 micron ratings.

  • Vertical and Horizontal configurations available.
  • High flow rate at low differential pressure.
  • Single stage filtration.
  • Dirt is trapped on the outside of the cartridge

Filter / Separator

Removes particles of dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale plus liquids including water, natural gas liquids, and light hydrocarbons.

Standard cartridges: NFG-36 or NFG-336

  • Includes two stage construction with cartridges and mist eliminator.
  • Horizontal units offer separate individual lower sump for liquids collection.
  • Optional custom instrumentation and automation.

Choose the horizontal configuration for high-volume applications: the vertical configuration for low-volume applications.


Removes compressor oil, trace hydrocarbons and water.  Not intended to remove particles or large amounts of water.

Standard cartridge:  High-efficiency 0.3 micron NFF-36 or NFF-336 reverse flow coalescer.

  • Configured vertically regardless of flow rate to utilize gravitational liquid removal benefits.
  • Automation available for monitoring and dumping collected liquids.

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